Revolutionary Stem cell care Reverses Osteoarthritis & Regenerates Bone, Tissues & Joints

Stem cell care COULD Help You Avoid Painful Knee or Hip Replacement

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The Wave of the Future: Regenerative Medicine with Stem cell care

Human Umbilical Cell Tissue (HUCT) Stem cell care is the most effective and ethical form of Stem cell care available today for the care of musculoskeletal degeneration. At Michigan Integrative Health, we harvest stem cells from a healthy baby’s umbilical cord after its birth with complete consent of the healthy mother.  These human umbilical stem cells, called Mesenchymal stem cells, then go through a testing process in an FDA-approved Stem Cell Cord Bank.

What is extraordinary about Mesenchymal stem cells is that they enable the human body to trigger its own innate healing abilities and regenerate and repair muscle, bone, cartilage, and tendons. The regenerative effectiveness of innovative Stem cell care is enabling patients to gain relief and mobility without surgery or pain pills.

Stems cells are important anti-inflammatory agents that reinvigorate the body’s own cells, which go dormant in a dehydrated disc, and induce the dysfunctional cells to begin working again.

Discs work by producing proteins that attract water to keep discs healthy and hydrated. When the cells don't work properly due to injury or disease, they can’t use those proteins causing them to dehydrate and lose their shock-absorbing capacity which in turn causes pain and suffering. Up until recently, people suffering chronic pain from degenerative disease faced invasive and risky treatment options like surgery and addictive pain medication.

This revolutionary form of healthcare, however, goes far beyond the traditional medical treatments as well as more advanced functional medicine methods like decompression and laser therapy. No other care other than Stem cell care has the ability to repair and regenerate osteoarthritic bone damage and stimulate the regrowing and repairing of joint and tissue damage.

This revolutionary care for degenerative conditions is fully backed by science with more than 200,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications on PubMed, a peer-reviewed database of references and abstracts on biomedical topics

​What are Stem Cells and How Do They Work?

Stem cells are uniquely powerful cells that have the capacity to transform themselves into any type of cell in the body. Once deployed to an area of injury or disease, these special cells easily change into the cell type that needs to be repaired or replaced. Another extraordinary feature is their ability to pinpoint and “home” into injured areas of the body. Stem cells are recruited to injured areas by specific cellular signals where they travel and coalesce as they begin the regeneration process and regrow healthy muscle, tissue and bone.

The quantity of stem cells in a new born umbilical cord are thousands of times more potent than in an aged body. During treatment, HUCT stem cells are delivered directly at the area of concern, or administered through intravenous therapy. Many similar and less effective forms of Stem cell care can cost over $8,000, while our procedure is a fraction of the cost with a much higher potency of stem cells.

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No other treatment other than Stem cell care can repair and regenerate osteoarthritic bone damage and stimulate the regrowing and repairing of joint and tissue damage.

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