Michigan Integrative Health is a result of an effort to offer individuals an opportunity to deal with degeneration of the body. Drugs and surgery all have their part in healthcare. Up until Stem Cell Allograft care, nothing addressed the need for the body to be able to regenerate, repair, and regrow.

Our healthcare team has over 70 combined years of experience. All directed to offering the patients the best possible outcome when it comes to helping the body deal with degeneration.

For many years we had all heard about Stem Cell Allograft care as a potentially effective treatment for degenerative disease, but up until recently, were not satisfied with the types of harvest and delivery of stem cells that had been available. One method was considered controversial and unethical, another involved minor surgery and numerous other procedures achieved less than optimal results.

We finally found a means to achieve results in removing inflammation and stimulating the body’s natural abilities to repair, regrow, and regenerate tissues and even bone using Stem Cell Allograft care. This is the best possible service that we can recommend to those who suffer with degenerative conditions in the knees, back, shoulders, hips, elbows, hands, ankles and feet.

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Stem Cell Allograft care can resolve/reduce osteoarthritic pain and stimulate the regrowing and repairing of joint and tissue damage.

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